Enosemi provides chiplets, custom silicon and IP products.


Silicon-verified, known-good-die for integration into a product.

16x112G Rx Chiplet

A single chip with 16x112G Channels including photodetector, TIA and digital control

16x112G Tx Chiplet

A single chip with 16x112G Channels including modulator, driver and digital control

Custom Silicon

Enosemi will create a custom chip specific to customer requirements.

Custom Silicon Overview

Enosemi custom silicon capabilities and process

IP Products

Enosemi's state-of-the-art IP catalog enables customers to reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market.

Analog/Mixed-Signal IP

Enosemi's analog/mixed-signal IP includes both low and high-speed electrical devices used in advanced photonic circuits

Optical IP

Optical component building blocks

Photonic Subsystems

Enosemi's validated photonic subsystems enable advanced optical circuits across application areas