Semiconductor startup, Enosemi, launches with a committed commercial license to key silicon photonics design IP created by Luminous Computing

Enosemi, Inc. (“Enosemi”) emerges from stealth mode today as a new fabless semiconductor startup focused on design enablement and design IP for silicon photonics. The company has a commercial agreement with Luminous Computing, Inc. (“Luminous”) to license and sell the silicon photonics design IP originally developed at Luminous, a key technology for AI supercomputing applications. Enosemi is led by a seasoned executive team with world-class expertise in silicon photonics, analog mixed signal, lasers, control, packaging, and system hardware.

“We’re excited to leverage this amazing work that the Luminous team has created,” said Enosemi CEO, Matt Streshinsky. “Silicon photonics is maturing as an industry, and now is the time to bring design flows and methodologies that are common in the integrated electronics world to the integrated photonics world.”

“Enosemi will dramatically lower the barriers to entry for any company looking to enter the market, regardless of photonic design expertise,” said Enosemi CTO, Ari Novack.

“This is one of the most exceptional teams in the industry and we are confident in our ability to push forward the next revolution in silicon photonics design,” said Shahab Ardalan, VP of Engineering at Enosemi.

Matt Streshinsky and Ari Novack were on the founding team at silicon photonics startup, Elenion Technologies, LLC, (“Elenion”) which brought to market leading-edge silicon photonics products for data center and telecommunications applications. Elenion was acquired by Nokia in 2020. Shahab Ardalan was an early employee at silicon photonics startup Ayar Labs and on the team at Gennum Corporation, which was eventually acquired by Semtech Corporation.

“As an AI hardware company, the benefits that silicon photonics can provide to the next generation of machine intelligence are abundantly clear, and this is definitely the team to do it. Enosemi provides opportunities to scale products in ways that were previously impossible and we are delighted with this first commercial application of Luminous technology. Luminous has several other critical commercial products coming to market soon.” said Marcus Gomez, CEO of Luminous.

About Enosemi

Enosemi is a provider of critical design IP and custom silicon to accelerate silicon photonics product development. Enosemi’s technology enables the next generation of photonics and addresses the industry’s needs across connectivity, computing, sensing, medical devices, and biotechnology. The company’s leadership team has brought numerous silicon photonics products to market previously with Elenion Technologies and Nokia.

About Luminous Computing

Luminous Computing, founded in 2018, designs and manufactures hardware for demanding Generative AI Inference applications. The company’s proprietary compute and memory architecture enables high bandwidth access to multi-Terabyte banks of DDR memory. Luminous Gen 1 AI inference cards offer native PyTorch integration as well as compute and memory bandwidth in-line with or better than competing hardware. Critically, by leveraging its custom architecture, Luminous is able to accomplish this without using High Bandwidth Memory. Near future products from Luminous include its Gen 1.X card with 2 TB of memory and Gen 2 card with networking for large-scale applications.

Semiconductor startup, Enosemi, launches with a committed commercial license to key silicon photonics design IP created by Luminous Computing